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At Breast Associates we recognise cultural diversity in New Zealand. Ensuring that you are fully informed we offer a comprehensive interpreting service. If you would like an interpreter for any of your consultations please let us know so that we can book an interpreter for you. The following services are available to you:

SINT – Onsite (Face to Face) interpreting service
This service provides you with a language interpreter to be present at your consultation to assist you to facilitate communication between you and your specialist.

TINT – Telephone (Conference Call) interpreting service
This service provides you with a language interpreter to facilitate communication between two or more people. It is most cost-effective but may not be appropriate in certain circumstances.

Document Translations
This service provides you with qualified translation of written information, e.g. brochures, reports, etc.

Breast Associates uses the Auckland District Health Board (ADHB) Interpreting Service which involves an extra fee to access these services and will be payable at the time of consultation.


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All personal information collected by Breast Associates is treated with respect and remains confidential. Breast Associates may request or share your information with other Clinicians involved in your care, or use your unidentifiable data for audit or scientific purposes. Any third party invoices (e.g. laboratory fees) may be passed on to the patent for payment. A chaperone is available on request. If there are any questions that do not apply please leave it blank.





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