Breast Associates is a trusted medical facility dedicated to ensuring you receive the very best breast care and personal support.


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Breast Associates is a trusted medical facility dedicated to ensuring you receive the very best breast care and personal support. Conveniently located at Ascot Central, Greenlane, our team of experienced breast specialists have cared for more than 35,000 women since our inception in 1997.

 Working from modern premises and utilising approved equipment and medical practices, we provide a caring and supportive environment, where trust and confidence are an integral part of patient care. Our breast doctors take a holistic approach, taking your concerns about any breast problem seriously with competence and empathy.

You can be assured of receiving the best care as all consultations, breast imaging, diagnostic tests and counseling services are co-ordinated on your behalf by our helpful team. Our breast care team now includes five surgeons, one breast physician, four nurses, a psychologist and support staff. Your breast doctor will provide the highest standard in diagnosis and treatment of any breast problem you are experiencing. Breast Associates have on-site a credentialed and approved operating theatre for minor procedures under local anaesthetic.

We recommend using the resources available on this website for further information on breast awareness and care. Should you have any concerns about your breasts, please contact us or your GP. Call us now on 09 522 1346 or email us



We remain committed to providing safe healthcare for all our patients. We adhere to government health guidelines and have implemented safety protocols in our clinic.



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Our Services. Complete consultation, diagnosis and treatment for:

Breast Cancer

Screening for breast cancer in women with no breast symptoms currently consists of regular mammography.

Alternatively, you may find a breast lump, skin dimpling, nipple indrawing or nipple discharge in which you will be examined by a breast specialist.



Breast Pain

Breast pain is extremely common, and most women experience it at some time in their life.

Sometimes women worry that sore breasts may be one of the early symptoms of breast cancer.



Breast Lumps

It can be frightening finding a breast lump, but it is important to remember than nine out of 10 breast lumps are benign (not cancer).

They are not usually signs of breast cancer, but because some lumps are cancerous, you should always visit a doctor if you find one.



Family History

Family history of breast cancer is one of the most significant risk factors associated to your risk assessment.

Physicians will exam for gene abnormalities and specific gene features which you are not guaranteed to carry.



Breast Reconstruction

After a mastectomy many women choose to have breast reconstructive surgery, using either implants or their own tissue to recreate the appearance of a normal breast.

Your surgeon will advise which option is best for you.



Breast Infection

Breast infection, or mastitis, can occur at any age, but is most common in breastfeeding women.

Early symptoms of mastitis include breast pain, skin redness (often shaped like a wedge).




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